Our Vertical Solutions Marketing approach gives us a unified, rigid and highly efficient distribution channel and corporate outlook that reaches beyond regular marketing paradigms to include a detailed and highly personal integration with our clients.

This approach enables us to systematically offer a single point of contact for all client requirements and enables us to provide total solutions to our target segment, thus boosting confidence levels and encouraging the client to foster strong inter-personal business relations with us.


The key to a successful nation lies with its leaders. Timely and relevant solutions are the prime factors to ensuring that the government is better suited to serve its people. We at Xperia Technologies are committed to assisting in efforts towards good governance by playing our part in being a key reliable and dependable entity when it comes to offering products and support to the government though our specialized delivery of ICT solutions to the government.

Under Government Vertical, we look at Government Ministries, Ministry Departments, Parastatal Organizations, Counties and Sub-counties. In government, we are at the forefront of providing quick, dependable and sustainable technologies such as; Data Management Solutions, VSaT Connectivity, Integrated Security Solutions, Rapid Response Systems, Services and Equipment’s, e-Government among others.


Stiff competition and rapid expansion has seen our banking industry emerge to be one of the prime economic movers of our time. The banking industry demands quick, secure and highly reliable solutions due to the sensitive nature of the business. It is our duty as Xperia Technologies to meet and surpass these standards and expectations.

In this regard our Banking Products Division offers such high-end solutions as; Specialized Security Products for Physical & Fire Security, Currency Management Solutions and Software solutions specific to the banking Industry.

We also offer front-end and office automation solutions, Data Management Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, Security Solutions, and Secure Application Management Solutions among many others.

Under BFSI Vertical, we look at Banks, Micro-Finance Institutions, Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies (Saccos) and Insurance Institutions (including Insurance Brokers & Insurance Agents).


We fully understand that the future lies with our children. It is this cognitive notion that propels us to go the extra mile in providing our Institutions of learning with guaranteed to work, Total Solutions
that are durable, comparatively cheap and highly relevant to the current evolutionary learning paradigms that are in tandem with new and emerging global trends.

Our Education Products Division offers product ranges such as Virtualized Desktop Solutions, Thin Client Solutions, Networking and Data Management Solutions, Desktop Solutions, e-Learning Solutions, Security equipment’s, Document Archiving Solutions, Education Management and Information Systems and many others.

Under Education Vertical, we look at the Universities, Colleges and Schools – both primary and secondary.


In addition to the above Industries, we do cater to corporate entities by providing them with all of the above product ranges and solutions and a variety of other well-tailored solutions such as Cabling Solutions, Power Backup and Protection Solutions, Video Conferencing solutions, Unified Communications, IP Telephony Solutions, Bio-metric Authentication Systems, Integration and Information Management Systems, Hardware Maintenance Solution, Data Relocation Services, Trainings and Workshops, Services and Maintenance Solutions and many more.


  • Logistics, Clearing & Forwarding
  • Hospital & Health Sector
  • Oil Companies, Fuel Distribution & Petrol Stations Management Solutions
  • ICT Consultants & ICT Auditors, Financial Consultants & Financial Auditors.
  • Hotels, Air Ticketing & Tour Operations
  • Judiciary & Law Management Solutions & Case Management Systems for Lawyers.
  • Construction Companies, Property Management & Property Agencies.
  • NGOs’, etc.